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Building An App: 5 Points To Consider Before Getting Started

The craze of mobile applications has inspired people to develop an app. Are you one among them? Do you want to build an app but do not know how to start? If so then this article is the right guide for you to learn the process of app creation.

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In this world of smartphone, people prefer to use mobile applications over accessing the website. This trend has given birth to millions of applications on both Google Play as well as Apple iTunes Store. Some businesses create an app with a view to promote their business while others want to build apps that can fetch them money.

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The craze of mobile applications has inspired people to develop an app. Are you one among them? Do you want to build an app but do not know how to start? If so then this article is the right guide for you to learn the process of app creation.

1. Planning Phase

Do you have an idea in mind? Before commencing to build the app, come up with an idea. This will define your goal as well as which path to choose for app creation. If you do not have an idea in mind, you might be confused on what kind of app to make.

In order to make money from the app, start your research to find out the most demanded apps by users. The best way to go about it is to visit the App Store and look for top grossing, top paid, and top free apps.

Under which category are you planning to develop an app? If it falls under gaming or entertainment category, keep it as a free download app. However, if you think it should be a paid version then keep the trial version as a free download and chargeable for full application access.

2. Is Your Idea Unique?

When you have an idea, the first thing you should do is hit the app store and check whether someone else has already developed an app on this concept? Building the replica of an app that already exists would not benefit you in any way. Instead, check out what’s trending on the app store and try to come up with an app on the same lines.

Interest of people is the main factor to consider when building an app. Do people download and use the kind of app you are planning to come up with? Proceed further in your work only if you have a positive reply to this question.

3. Determine Your Target Audience

Is this app specifically targeted for iPhone users? In that case, build an app for iTunes stores. One point to bear in mind is that iTunes does not encourage apps that are purely marketing based. So, if your goal is to promote a business then it makes sense to build an app for Google Play Store.

Some apps find audience on both the platforms. If you have a limited budget, then start building app for one platform first. Considering its profit and popularity, you can make the same app available for other platforms too.

4. Designing and Coding Phase

Do you have a design in mind for your app? Note it down on a paper before you forget it while moving further with more complex phases. Even if you are not technically superior, you can still participate in the designing part of app with simple software and tools. On the internet, you might come across many lessons and guides on how to design a mobile app.

Coding requires you to know the basic of mobile application development. Whether you should frame the code by yourself or take help of a professional mobile app developing company?

Leave this work on experts if you are developing an app for promoting a business. However, if you are starting with mobile app development business, try to write the code on your own. Read books on mobile application development and take online tutorials to master the skill of coding. Most commonly used languages for mobile apps are JavaScript, Objective-C, HTML, and CSS.

5. What Is the Key to Become a Successful Mobile Application Developer?

The common mistake most people make is spending a lot of time on developing one app. Do not aim to build very big apps in the beginning. Apply and test your skills on small apps and launch them as soon as possible on the App Store. Take user’s feedback seriously and work on it to fix the bugs. User satisfaction is the main element in the success of any app. Building many small apps will surely benefit you more rather than developing one heavy app.

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