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Building and Nurturing Email Lists on LinkedIN Using Tags


LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most powerful universal business tool at your fingertips.  Full Stop.

It is also the most underused one.  For this reason, I am going on a UK golf clubhouse tour with business profile and lifestyle  photographer, Glynis Bland,  helping people to harness the full power of LinkedIn in one lesson, even if you have never used it before.  Coming to a clubhouse near you! 

But for now, let’s look at one of LinkedIn’s list building strategies.

linkedin 1024x472 How To Build And Nurture e mail Lists On LinkedIN Using Tags

With LinkedIn you can find people who want what you offer or need, build your networks, find out information, create tribes and sub-tribes, share your journey in supportive groups, post jobs, find jobs and manage your connections and grow your lists.

LinkedIn comes with a default set of tags to manage your connections and when you invite someone to connect you must click on one of those tags to say how you know that person.  However, you can also create your own tags. 

What are tags?

Tags are simple keywords that you can create to organise your connections for quick filtering on LinkedIn. You can use this window to create new tags or delete old ones. You can create up to 200 new ones!

You find your tag section under contacts, tags and manage.  Here you can see that I have added a tag called Cumbria.

2013 02 21 0625 How To Build And Nurture e mail Lists On LinkedIN Using Tags

To tag one of my contacts, all I have to do is click on his or her name in the contact section and then click on the tag. Here you can see that I have tagged Keith.two How To Build And Nurture e mail Lists On LinkedIN Using Tags

2013 02 21 0544 How To Build And Nurture e mail Lists On LinkedIN Using Tags

You can also edit, tag, untag and retag your contacts. Tags are a handy way of grouping people into lists if you want to send a message to everyone on the list at once. For instance if I wanted to send all of my contacts who are active in the same groups as me a message at the same time, I just have to click on the tag groups and then send message. I can remove individuals if I want to and be really selective. I can even export my lists to a cvs file and then send everyone an email. Please note; is not a license to spam. However, for anyone who knows the value of building and nurturing lists, LinkedIn is your network.

I will also be talking about LinkedIN during my 5 day WordPress Courses in Cumbria.


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