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Building Android Apps - a Guide for iOS Developers

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Building Android Apps - a Guide for iOS Developers

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So since yesterday we talked about execrable user interface design, that’s a natural leadin to talking today about … porting to Android!

We kid, we kid. No, wait, no we actually don’t. Let us take a look at the app under discussion:

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 11.39.51 PM.png

Kinda like the process is “take a clean straightforward design, and bring the suck”, isn’t it now? Just for starters, any UI convention for handhelds that puts the navigating tabs far away from your thumb as you hold the device is wrong. Just … wrong.

Any-ways, natural ickiness aversion aside, it’s a worthwhile article if you’re even vaguely interested in getting some introductory guidance on how to go about porting your awesome iPhone apps to other, lesser, platforms:

Beginning Android for iOS Developers; or, How to Build a Real-World Android App

Sadly, I’ve been trying to do this for far too long. I kept putting learning Android off because no one had written a resource for us iOS developers on how to start swinging both ways. Well, I finally got some time to sit down, shut up, and get to it. Here are the results:

Well, personally, we wouldn’t consider “far too long” to be an appropriate term to use in this context unless compared to, oh, the eventual heat death of the universe, say. But if you absolutely have to learn something about programming Android, hey this is a most excellently written piece that’s absolutely the best place to start!


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