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Building Better Performance Through Gamification

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Building Better Performance Through Gamification

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Good article from Dave Thomson, who provides detailed analyses and examples of the advantages of introducing Gamification into an organization.

Gamification can instill challenge, pay-off, and new perspective into day-to-day tasks, tapping into the same human instincts that have led to centuries of passionate competition and engagement – our innate desire to learn, to improve ourselves, to overcome obstacles, and to win. As business becomes increasingly social, our professional and consumer lives are being built using digital interactions. This momentum can be tapped to improve performance by embedding gaming mechanics into traditional processes. Technology in the workplace can be rewarding, and (gasp) even fun.

Increasing individual engagement in work, team, and outcomes is a common business goal, and games have proven to be one of the most influential teaming and communication activities across generations and cultures. Organisations can harness gaming principles to improve morale, influence behaviour, and get stakeholders passionately engaged in everything from finance, sales, HR, manufacturing, and more. Using the transparent rules and boundaries that come with gaming, organisations can accentuate compliance and leading practice adoption by aligning game objectives with the desired outcomes of the enterprise. Or, more powerfully, to have gaming mechanics almost imperceptible to the user, who instead find themselves incented to find new ways to team, to work, and to drive business outcomes.

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