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Building an Innovative Mindset

Find out how to help your team develop a more innovative mindset through the fable of the Lion and the Hare.

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Innovation Story

The Lion and the Hare

A Lion was becoming fed up with hunting. He is the King of the Jungle. Why he should do hard-work and hunt?

He ordered all the animals and give a direct, “Daily one of you should show up by yourself as my prey”. All the animals commenced to carry out this direct.

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It was Hare’s time. The Hare was profoundly depressed. As he was walking to Lion’s cave, he came across an ancient well. He glanced into it. It was unusually deep and terrible. He formed a plan in his mind.

I need to mention that Hare was trained by the Fox, so he was extremely creative! This is the time to practice what has been learned.

The Lion was annoyed that no animal had arrived that day. The Hare slowly came towards the Lion. The Lion roared, “Why are you late?” The Hare apologetically responded, “On my way, another Lion hounded me. I got away with terrible difficulty to give my life to you, Your Majesty”.

The Lion was satisfied with the Hare. The notion of another Lion in the jungle made him annoyed. The Lion roared “Do you know where he lives?” The Hare responded “Yes, Sir. Please come with me”.

The Hare took the Lion to the ancient well. He answered, “Sir, that Lion lives in this well”. The Lion peeped into the well. He misjudged his reflection for another Lion. He roared and there was an echo. He thought that the other Lion was roaring too and jumped into the well. That was the end of the Lion.

The Hare was creative and exercise his creativity and the best practices.


Do you know what Fox was teaching to Hare? and Hare is the professor in one of the Management colleges where he is sharing below.

  • Flexibility to reform: In today’s fast-paced world, we do not have much time to debate on — “should we reform or not?”. To stay relevant in business, we have to be quick and adaptive.
  • Grasp Creativity: Creativity is the only means through which we can overcome challenges thrust upon us by the circumstances.
  • Strong Leadership: Organizations need strong leaders who can think big, dream big and drive the actions to meet the challenges.
  • Aggressive: Only the paranoid survive is the comment which we need to aggressively believe and we should sustain this attitude.
  • Time for Creativity: Most of the time, the organization needs to allow time for its employees to think other than their routine duty. There should be some time dedicated to fun work.
  • Discover the problem: People with an Innovation mindset spend a good amount of time studying the problem. They do a lot of research in the customer discovery space where the problem is present.
  • Passionate: People with an Innovative mindset are passionate about their work. They endeavor to figure out and solve the obstacles to establish a better life.
  • Collaborative: People with an Innovative mindset are collaborative and work with multi-skilled people. They know they cannot and should not solve all the problems, so they get along with others for creating a shared vision.
  • Measure satisfaction: People with an Innovative mindset measure the work at specific intervals, they gain from it and they get inspiration from it.
  • Hunger for learning: People with an Innovative mindset want to learn something fresh, experiment something unique; they do not want to do the same thing which they have done before. They keep exploring new things.
  • Mindfulness: They do various tasks to calm their minds and focus their minds. They use their hobbies to deeply submerge their thoughts.
  • Resilience: They bounce back after facing problems and after several failures; they do not stop experimenting; they come back with various thoughts to improve their performance.

One of the animals of the class said we know all these! The hare said, yeah, I know, all of you are aware, but how many of us are practicing all these daily?

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