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Building a Marketplace Client

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The next step for Eclipse Marketplace (MP) is bringing MP direct to the Eclipse user desktop.  We want to build a MP client that will be distributed in all of the Helios EPP packages.   Instead of navigating to a separate web site, the Eclipse user will have an integrated user experience to discover Eclipse solutions.

We have already started a discussion about the MP client requirements.   Please feel free to add your thoughts to the discussion.

We want to have the MP client built in time for Helios.  To make this happen, the Eclipse Foundation has a budget to fund the development work.  Therefore, we are now asking interested parties to submit proposals for creating the MP client.

Some details about what we would like to see in the proposals:

1. The requirements for the MP client will be documented in this bug.  The final list of requirements will be determined with the developer/organization building the MP client and the Eclipse Foundation.  Each proposal should describe the approach the developer/organization will take to fulfilling these requirements.

2. The intention is for the MP client to become a component of the EPP project.  All the code developed will be open sourced and the developers building the code will be expected to follow the Eclipse development guidelines.

3. Each proposal should describe the experiences the developer/organization has with building Eclipse solutions that would be relevant to a MP client.

4.  The MP client needs to be finished in time for Helios.  Therefore, a feature complete beta needs to be available by March 19 (Helios M6).

5. The developer/organization will be expected to support the MP client through Helios SR1, SR2 and the 2011 release train.  Support will include bug fixes, testing and release engineering for the new releases.

6. Each proposal should include the cost for the work.

7.  Proposals need to be submitted by January 15, 17:00ET.  Send your proposal to me at (ian dot skerrett at eclipse dot org).   We will make our selection by January 29.

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions.  We are on a very agressive timeline but I am very excited about this next step for Marketplace.

From http://ianskerrett.wordpress.com

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