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Building the Source Code for your AppStudio Apps

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Last night I was working with students at North Dakota State University on building apps for Windows Phone using AppStudio. After we built several apps I wanted to show them how they could easily download the source code for their apps and use Visual Studio to modify it. After the source code was downloaded a number of people, including myself ran into the following problem when trying to build the code in Visual Studio.


In this post I’ll show you how to correct these issues so that your source code generated by AppStudio builds successfully on your machine. Big thanks to Tyler Roberg, an NDSU student, who wouldn’t go to sleep until this problem was solved!

The first thing you’ll need to do is log into AppStudio, go to your Dashboard and select the app you want to download source code for.


Then click the Download Source Code link.


Read the guidance provided for publishing your app, then click Download.


This will download a zip file containing your source code. Before extracting the zip file, right-click on the zip file and select Properties. In the properties dialog that displays click Unblock, then click OK.


Extract the zip file, navigate the src folder and open the Solution file using Visual Studio.


In Visual Studio, go to the TOOLS menu and select Options.


In the Options find Package Manager and make sure the following options are checked

  • Allow NuGet to download missing packages
  • Automatically check for missing packages during build in Visual Studio


Now, build the solution by either pressing Ctrl+Shift+B or using the BUILD menu.


Your solution should now build successfully!


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