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Building a Twitter client for Windows Phone - Getting the data from the timeline


You already have the foundation for the Twitter client, and now you need to actually see what people are tweeting about. In case you missed the previous parts, you can read them here:

The API call to get the timeline goes through statuses/home_timeline - a method that will get the current user's timeline. You should be aware that every returned tweet will follow an entity pattern, containing parameters like this:

  • coordinates
  • created_at
  • truncated
  • entities
  • text
  • annotations
  • contributors
  • id
  • geo
  • in_reply_to_user_id
  • place
  • in_reply_to_screen_name
  • user
  • source
  • in_reply_to_status_id

One thing to remember, though, is the fact that entities and user are separate data carriers that have their own sets of descriptive parameters. But we'll get into that a bit later in this article.


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