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Business role in Technical Architecture world!

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Business role in Technical Architecture world!

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I have always wondered if Business has a role in creation of the technical architecture or rather molding the architecture according to the Business needs. Been in programming for few years now, I have faced a lot of hurdles that happen to be purely Business oriented.

For example,

Business wants 1 + 1 = 3 and not 2! In programming world implementing this is not much difficult. So, in Java I would just override the sum/add method and put what business wants… something like that.

Does this ever happen in Technical Architecture world? Does the best and stable architecture is indeed a robust, stable and capable of handling expansion?

I have been in the insurance domain for years now and seen many architectures in this field that are built to satisfy the business needs, which for someone from outside of insurance domain may sound not very perfect architecture.

Unless you are building an architecture which is not for a particular Business, it would be very hard to build an architecture that is not build across the Business and bound to the limitations of the Business. I do know, Architects are constantly trying to build a very robust architecture which would not only take care of the business needs, but also see that it’s more generalized and expandable.

I am not an expert on this, but always wanted to make people think and put forth their views. My mind just cannot stop on thinking things that sound very obvious, but once you start thinking on it, you always get surprised on how things can be viewed.

Inspire yourself to Think!


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