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Business Security Threats In 2014

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Business Security Threats In 2014

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It’s important to keep up to date with what’s going on in the business security world. No matter how small or large your business is you will at some point face security challenges. Despite our defences strengthening and people becoming more aware of the importance of business security, we are still facing significant challenges.

The problem is that hackers, malware and people looking to target vulnerable businesses are becoming smarter and developing new technology to beat defences. 2014 has brought with it some new challenges and things that are likely to be particularly difficult to defend against. Here are some of the key business security threats to watch out for in this year.


Bring your own device is the new buzzword in the business security world. Mobile devices have been around for a while now but it’s only in the last few years that people have started using their own personal devices for work more and more. For more information see http://www.zdnet.com/topic-byod-and-the-consumerization-of-it/

We once might have used our phone for work email, we now use our tablets, laptops and smartphones to stay connected at work and on the go. Mobiles are going to be a top concern in the next few years, they seem to be causing a high number of security breaches. People log in to their email and work intranet on their mobiles with little consideration for business security.


Storing business files and documents on the cloud is becoming the norm. However, storing all your sensitive and important business documents in one place is a risk. You need to ensure your intellectual property is stored safely and securely using cloud computing.

Targeted attacks can take place, especially with so much sensitive data on offer. Speak with your provider and ensure that all steps are taken to protect your most important information and personal files.

Heavy Internet Reliance

The fact that we rely so much on the internet these days is a threat in itself. We use the internet so often that the chances of something slipping through net are far greater. According to document management specialists Storetec “We also store a lot more information online and on intranets, meaning more information is at risk.” Think about the sheer amount of time your employees spend in their working day accessing the internet. As our usage has stepped up our security needs to step up too.

Evolving Malware

Malware is constantly being advanced and sophisticated every day. It is adapting to all the security measures that business have put in place. For example, new malware can intercept validation messages that are sent to mobile phones and evade highly intelligent security systems. If business security technology is advancing then so is technology used to beat it.

Reputation Damage

Reputation damage is an ongoing problem that’s not going to slow down in 2014. Some people will go to extreme measures to hack into their competitors files or to bring down a company they don’t like. Hackers don’t just steal ideas and financial information, they seek out damaging information that has the potential to ruin a company’s reputation. Having procedures to prevent this from happening is essential, as well as having a reputation management plan should any information be leaked.


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