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The busy Java developer's guide to Scala

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Ted Neward, popular developer, author and speaker, wrote an introductory article for Scala, which is on IBM developerWorks.

The busy Java developer's guide to Scala:: Functional programming for the object oriented

Ted looks back fondly at Java's impact and effect on developers:

"Java programming, and object-orientation, was the first love for many programmers... Java programming rescued them from the hellfire-and-brimstone pits of memory-management and C++... Java programming elevated them out of the depths of procedural despair."

Then Ted goes on to ponder Java's future.

"Put simply, Java programming is showing its age. Or, to be more precise, the Java language is showing its age."

I like that he delineates the JVM from the Java language.

Then Ted goes on to lay out a few functional programming concepts to explain why Scala looks the way it does. Not just what it does but why it looks the way it does.

This article is part of a series introduction to Scala. It is well written and worth a look.

What are your thoughts on Scala?

Do you think Java is end of life or will evolve?

Should Java add FP features and type inferencing?

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