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Butterfly DI Container 2.6.0

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Butterfly DI Container 2.6.0

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Version 2.6.0 brings easy Map configuration and the ability to assign names to the input streams from which you read container scripts. This name is used when an error is detected in the script, making it easier to find out the file in which the error occurred. It is now also possible to have the ScriptFactoryBuilder close the script input stream for you. This version also fixes a minor bug related to parsing and error messages.

You can check out Butterfly Container here:




Butterfly DI Container is a faster, smaller and smarter DI container for Java. It pioneers many features not found in Spring, Pico and Guice, like a very simple Java-like configuration script language, runtime-replacable factories for easier reloading and overriding of configurations, custom factory interface adaptation, input parameters to bean factories, thread singletons, and flyweights. In the future it will also contain support for internationalizations, method interception, and many other features.


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