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Butterfly Persistence 5.0.0 (AKA Mr Persister G2)

Butterfly Persistence 5.0.0 is a cleaned up version of Mr Persister 4.0.0. Deprecated classes methods have been removed, and unnecessary factories removed too. The base package name has been changed from com.jenkov.mrpersister to com.jenkov.db. This effectively means that Butterfly Persistence is not backwards compatible with Mr Persister. But it also means that you can use both API's in the same application, in a transition period. The documentation is also being rewritten to be more to the point.

All future development of this API will continue in the Butterfly Persistence strain. It was necessary to clean up the code base before moving forward with new features.

Mr Persister (now Butterfly Persistence) is a Java Persistence API that aims at providing a simplistic persistence mechanism, that will help you do the trivial JDBC stuff much easier, and get out of the way when you need to do something more complicated. It provides support for ResultSet iteration (Spring style), reading ResultSet's into Maps, and reading ResultSet's into objects (simple ORM). The query language is plain SQL.

Mr Persister has had more than 5000 downloads in the past, but had been quiet for a while. It was about time the loyal users were credited for their patience, and given this new, cleaned up version.

With the repackaging as Butterfly Persistence the API joins the Butterfly Component suite (lightweight Java components) which also counts Butterfly Container (smallest, fastest Java dependency injection container around), and Butterfly Testing Tools (mock object testing tools). Soon Butterfly Web UI will come out too, a component oriented web ui framework (Wicket) style, which integrates nicely with the container and persistence API.

You can find Butterfly Components here: http://butterfly.jenkov.com/


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