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C C++ Convert Hex To Ascii

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C C++ Convert Hex To Ascii

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// Presented with hex such as 0x12345abc perhaps there is a spot in there
// which represents an ascii char - such as 53 would be 'S'
// Common when dealing with hardware-related data structures and wire
// protocols


*To convert 53 to the character 'S':
*char returnVal = hexToString('5', '3');
char hexToAscii(char first, char second)
char hex[5], *stop;
hex[0] = '0';
hex[1] = 'x';
hex[2] = first;
hex[3] = second;
hex[4] = 0;
return strtol(hex, &stop, 16);
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
printf("%c\n", hexToAscii('5', '3'));

produces this output:

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