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C++ Classes for .NET Developers

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C++ Classes for .NET Developers

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- What .NET Developers Must Know about C++ Classes

C++ has typical idioms and conventions that are expressed differently in C# or Java, if at all. Sometimes it's a matter of syntax, other times it's a conceptual consideration related to the absence of a managing runtime in native languages.

I'll explain some relevant differences in this post while showing more new C++11 features. You'll need an alternative tool to compile many of these samples, as Visual C++ 2012 isn't C++11 compatible. (Note that those instances of incompatibility with Visual C++ 2012 are marked with an asterisk (*) throughout this article). I used the MinGW toolchain with the Code::Blocks IDE to test the samples here.



What with C++ being the shiny and old new thing, this article is one that I'm going to have to read... Not that I'm going to be coding in C++ in the near future (if ever) I expect to be reading more C++ in the coming years. That and it's just good to keep feeding the brain new stuff, right?


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