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CakePHP - Changing the Default Value of a Date-Time Input

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CakePHP - Changing the Default Value of a Date-Time Input

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Automagically generated date/time input fields normally default to the current date and time. For a couple of reasons, I had to change this to another default value. For example's sake, let's say I needed a time field to always select 1:30 pm in an add action.

Run of the mill example:

    echo $form->input('start_dt');

This will output 3 select boxes; one for hours, minutes, and the merdian (am/pm) with the current time pre-selected. So if it was 3:04 pm, that would be selected.

So lets change this so that 1:30 pm is always pre-selected:

    echo $form->input('start_dt', array('selected' => array('hour' => '1',
                                                            'minute' => '30',
                                                            'meridian' => 'pm')

That's all there is to it! Cake's automagic owns. Hope this helps someone else :)

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