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Calculate Number Of Work Days Between 2 Dates

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Calculate Number Of Work Days Between 2 Dates

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Hopefully this is quite a bit nicer than the old version, with comments etc. The call to fill the Holidays array has Western Australian holidays in it, but I'm sure you can still get the idea.

The application here seems to break some of the indenting, but hopefully it's still understandable.

  = 1; $date_stepper--){
        if(date("l", strtotime("$inc_year-05-$date_stepper"))=="Monday"){
            return strtotime("$inc_year-05-$date_stepper");

	 * Looks through a lists of defined holidays and tells you which
	 * one is coming up next.
	 * @author heymeadows@yahoo.com
	 * @param int $inc_year The year we are looking for holidays in
	 * @return array
function get_holidays($inc_year){
    //$year = date("Y");
    $year = $inc_year;

    $holidays[] = new Holiday("New Year's Day", get_timestamp("$year-1-1"));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Australia Day", get_timestamp("$year-1-26"));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Labour Day", ordinal_day(1, 'Mon', 3, $year));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Anzac Day", get_timestamp("$year-4-25"));
    //$holidays[] = new Holiday("St. Patrick's Day", get_timestamp("$year-3-17"));
    // TODO: $holidays[] = new Holiday("Good Friday", easter_date($year));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Easter", easter_date($year));
    // TODO: $holidays[] = new Holiday("Easter Monday", easter_date($year));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Foundation Day", ordinal_day(1, 'Mon', 6, $year));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Queen's Birthday", ordinal_day(1, 'Mon', 10, $year));
    //$holidays[] = new Holiday("Memorial Day", memorial_day($year));
    //$holidays[] = new Holiday("Mother's Day", ordinal_day(2, 'Sun', 5, $year));
    //$holidays[] = new Holiday("Father's Day", ordinal_day(3, 'Sun', 6, $year));
    //$holidays[] = new Holiday("Independence Day", get_timestamp("$year-7-4"));
    //$holidays[] = new Holiday("Labor Day", ordinal_day(1, 'Mon', 9, $year));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Christmas", get_timestamp("$year-12-25"));
    $holidays[] = new Holiday("Boxing Day", get_timestamp("$year-12-26"));

    $numHolidays = count($holidays) - 1;
    $out_array = array();

    for ($i = 0; $i < $numHolidays; $i++){
        $out_array[] = $holidays[$i]->date;
    return $out_array;

class Holiday{
    //var $name;
    //var $date;
    public $name;
    public $date;

    // Contructor to define the details of each holiday as it is created.
    function holiday($name, $date){
        $this->name   = $name;   // Official name of holiday
        $this->date   = $date;   // UNIX timestamp of date


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