Call for Community Feedback on an Updated Eclipse Logo

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Call for Community Feedback on an Updated Eclipse Logo

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In January we started a process to determine if we should update the existing Eclipse logo.   As I have said before, the existing logo is great but it was created 8-9 years ago and maybe deserves an update or modernization.   The response to a call for new concepts has been outstanding.  We had over 200 concepts submitted but have narrowed the potential choices to 10 concepts.

Now we need feedback from the community to help with the decision making process.  We are going to organize two rounds of community voting: Round 1 will be to choose from the 10 nominees a short list of 3 concepts and Round 2 will be to select a final concept.  Changing the logo is a big deal for the community and a big deal to implement, therefore, the final decision will be made by the Eclipse Foundation.

Some people have already expressed an opinion that we should not change the logo.  I want to be clear that a perfectly acceptable outcome is that we keep the same logo.  Therefore, on each round of voting the existing Eclipse logo will be included.   If you don’t want to change the logo, make sure you vote for the existing logo.

Voting for Round 1 is now open.  If you have an opinion, please go express it now.  Vote based on the concept you like.  I fully expect any new concept will need refinement and tweaking before it is finished.  In fact, on the poll you can recommend the refinements you would like to see on the concept of your choice.

Deadline for Round 1 voting is Wednesday, March 3 at 3pmET.

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