Call for Participation: 2016 DZone Guide to Developing and Deploying Applications on the Cloud

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Call for Participation: 2016 DZone Guide to Developing and Deploying Applications on the Cloud

Invitation to participate in our latest research guide... providing concrete information about Cloud development and deployment.

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For developers, the cloud is a utility (because it offers countless highly available, generically designed services), an opportunity (because HPC-level computing power is now available as a commodity), and a problem (because distributed computing is hard). The 2016 Guide to Developing and Deploying Applications on the Cloud views location-indifferent, highly virtualized, service-oriented environments from the working application developer's perspective: how to build distributed and modular applications (whether conceived as microservices or not); how to handle the complexity that results; the newly widespread (though conceptually old) world of containers (including Docker); and a bit on emerging tools for true distributed resource abstraction (such as Apache Mesos).

We’re Interested in Two Kinds of Participation:

  • write an article (for general topics see below)
  • help develop a survey (for general research direction see below), in two ways:
    • work with us to build useful question and answer options (~2hr)
    • review a draft of the survey or portions of the survey (~30min)

Article Topics Include but Are Not Limited to:

  • high-level survey of common cloud-specific problem spaces (availability, data management, messaging and monitoring, performance and scalability, resiliency, security)
  • designing distributed applications
  • how to architect for failure
  • how to manage program state
  • building and releasing 12-factor apps
  • cloud/distributed application design patterns (circuit breakers vs. retries, transaction detangling and rollback, competing consumers, caching strategies, idempotent processing, leader election, compute resource consolidation, logical vs. runtime simplicity and performance, CQRS, etc.)
  • distributed computing howtos: developing domain-specific consistency models, reversal strategies (with SOA complications), consensus requirements and algorithms, replication, concurrency, handling data gravity
  • cloud application architectures (stateful vs. stateless components)
  • optimization of cloud service use and provisioning by workload type (static, periodic, one-time, random, continuously variable)
  • full-stack cloud software and provider landscape (‘survey of *aaS’)
  • virtualization and abstraction granularity, scalability, elasticity: containers (including Docker), unikernels, library OS, distributed OS, ‘lambda’ services
  • impact of growth in LAN, WAN, and Internet bandwidth on I/O hierarchy and implications for application architecture
  • designing for metered service
  • cloud security problems and solutions (gatekeepers, federated authentication, BYOD, data location, resource isolation, common attacks)

DZone Original Research Will Address:

  • impact of cloud *aaS usage on developer experience, deployment frequency, technology adoption rate
  • workload and application types run in cloud environments
  • usage of distributed architectures and patterns by organization type, application type, languages and frameworks used
  • role of developers in adoption of cloud technologies and service providers
  • usage of major public cloud providers by .aaS layer and application and workload type
  • cloud use for development vs. testing vs. production

DZone Guides are ~40pp introductions to major topics in software development. Guides have four components: results of original research, 4-6 introductory articles, a pull-out infographic/poster, and a directory of relevant solutions (both open- and closed-source). Each Guide is designed to complement our daily article streams (published in Zones) and our more focused Refcardz by providing a relatively high-level but still practical overview of the problem space. The mantra of DZone Guides is: understand in order to act.

Suggested Article Formats Include:

  • past, present, future of X (status update)
  • how to develop in/with/for X (secret sauce)
  • issue only developers in/with/for X encounter (inside story)
  • perennial and hot topics in X (synopsis of problem space: perennial, trending)
  • intro to related business/design/academic topic (Y for developers)
  • classification of X (ontology)
  • how to transition from W to X (migration)
  • alternative/rival approaches to X (multiple perspectives)
  • concretizing, precisifying a buzzword (no fluff)
  • organizational effects of X (people-systems)
  • case study (how x company that tech pros respect does y)

Important Dates:

  • first draft submission deadline: March 7
  • final (revised) draft deadline: March 14
  • guide publication date: April 25

Please Submit Via Online Form:

  • brief bio
  • list of projects you’ve worked on using this technology/approach
  • list of previous publications, conference presentations, meetups, blogs, etc.
  • abstract of proposed article (~300 words)
  • in one sentence: why this article MUST appear in a Guide to Developing and Deploying Applications on the Cloud
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