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Call for Submissions: 2016 DZone Guide to Data Persistence

Invitation to participate in our latest research on how developers handle anything that lasts longer than a process.

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One of our major goals for 2016 is to make our monthly Guides more accurate and more useful for developers.

To do this, we've decided to open our research process and publication pipeline a bit and consider article submissions from anyone with deep, relevant technical expertise and ability to communicate effectively with other developers.

To facilitate this, we're going to publish a Call for Submisions for each of our monthly Guides. Each Call will include suggested article topics, preliminary research questions, basic information about our Guides series, and deadlines for each publication.

The first Call for Submissions is for our 2016 Guide to Data Persistence (tentative publish date: March 21) and is available here.

If you're interested in submitting an article or participating in survey design and validation, please read the CFS and consider how you might best contribute.

You can submit article abstracts directly via Google form linked inside the doc. Coverage may extend beyond the ~30 suggested article topics, but please use the suggested topics to help steer your abstracts -- we're aiming to select an article set that coheres nicely.

If you'd like to participate in our research without contributing an article (by developing survey questions and answer options, or by working with us to analyze results), then feel free to email us your ideas and qualifications and we'll pick up the conversation.

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