Calling All Mac/Eclipse Enthusiasts

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Calling All Mac/Eclipse Enthusiasts

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Attention all Mac owners! We need your help to test the now-complete Cocoa port of SWT.

The SWT team has been working hard on the SWT Cocoa port and they’ve marked the plan item as completed. Current testing indicates that it’s looking very good, but we need more help. We need to get as many eyes (and—more specifically—fingers) on it as possible. We are fast running out of time to get fixes in. Any testing that we can get from the community would really be appreciated.

Some of the cool things about the cocoa port include:

Download it from the Eclipse Project Downloads page. Report bugs against Platform/SWT in Eclipse Bugzilla.

Thanks to Kevin Barnes for giving me most of the words for this post!

From http://dev.eclipse.org/blogs/wayne


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