Calling SOAP From UWP

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Calling SOAP From UWP

SOAP has fallen out of favor in the world of APIs, but there are still web services that utilize it. Today, we take a look at how to communicate with one from a UWP app.

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SOAP Web Services might not be the most popular Web API technology at the moment but many companies still rely on them. Here's a short tutorial on how to call SOAP Web Service from a UWP app.

Connect to Service

To connect to a SOAP service, you can use Visual Studio's "Connected Services" - "Add Service Reference" context menu:

In the "Add Service Reference" enter the URL to the WSDL and select Go.

Select your service, give a namespace, and hit OK.

Call Service

Now your SOAP client is available from the namespace you provided in the previous screen. "Add service reference" creates a proxy class, which can be used to call any operations provided by the service. Create a new instance of the call and run its methods to call the operations.

Note: All the operation calls are async.

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