What's New With Camel on JBoss EAP?

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What's New With Camel on JBoss EAP?

Check a look at the newest updates to Camel on EAP, what advantages it brings, and how you can bootstrap it.

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Camel on EAP is now at the latest and greatest version and is a great way to get started and loaded with all features. The below components are by default available in the EAP subsystem once Fuse is installed.

camel-core, camel-activemq, camel-atom, camel-bindy, camel-braintree, camel-castor, camel-cdi, camel-cyrpto, camel-csv, camel-cxf, camel-dozer, camel-ejb, camel-elasticsearch, camel-flatpack, camel-ftp, camel-groovy, camel-hl7, camel-http, camel-http4, camel-jackson, camel-jasypt, camel-jaxb, camel-jgroups, camel-jms, camel-jmx, camel-jpa, camel-kafka, camel-ldap, camel-lucene, camel-mail, camel-main, camel-mina2, camel-mqtt, camel-mvel, camel-netty4, camel-ognl, camel-protobuf, camel-quartz2, camel-restlet, camel-rss, camel-salesforce, camel-saxon, camel-script, camel-servlet, camel-smpp, camel-soap, camel-spring, camel-sql, camel-stream, camel-swagger, camel-tagsoup, camel-velocity, camel-weather, camel-xmlbeans, camel-xmlsecurity, camel-xstream, camel-zipfile, camel-zookeeper.


  • Individual applications need not be patched.
  • No need for fat wars — all the required dependencies are shipped with the server.
  • Better control on versions and support for the applications.


There are multiple ways to bootstrap a Camel context in EAP, making it adaptable and easy for different developers to migrate without losing the ability to code in their own style.

  • With the camel context spring XML.
  • JNDI Bootstrap.
  • Simple Registry Bootstrap.
  • RouteBuilder mode (with CDI ).
  • Including routes in the domain.xml or standalone.xml.
  • With Spring-web ( not included in the module and hence will require a library addition to the application ).

I have put together a small project which demonstrates the use of these methods to get you started with your first applications in EAP. To run these projects you would need the below

  1. JBoss EAP 6.4.10 patched with Jboss Fuse 6.3.0.
  2. Maven 3.0 and above.
  3. An IDE , preferably JBDS 9.1 GA or 10.

For code examples, please check my GitHub.

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