Camel Riders in the Cloud [Video]

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Camel Riders in the Cloud [Video]

In this video presentation, one of the leading experts on Apache's open source integration framework gives a great overview of how Camel works.

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Last week I presented a DevNation Live session - Camel Riders in the Cloud.

Apache Camel has fundamentally changed the way enterprise Java™ developers think about system-to-system integration by making enterprise integration patterns (EIP) a simple declaration in a lightweight application wrapped and delivered as a single JAR. In this session, we'll show you how to bring the best practices from the enterprise integration world together with Linux® containers, running on top of Kubernetes/OpenShift, and deployed as microservices, which are both cloud-native and cloud-portable.

The video of this talk has been processed and uploaded to YouTube - enjoy.

The slides and source code is available on GitHub.

I would also encourage you to take a look at the other past sessions from DevNation Live. For example Burr Sutter's excellent session on Istio.

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