Camel Tools to Add or Edit Endpoints From Current Cursor Positon

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Camel Tools to Add or Edit Endpoints From Current Cursor Positon

Tool support for Apache Camel takes another step forward with seamless transition from route specification in XML or Java to GUI and back.

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This is a continuation of the video blogs I have done about our development on the fabric8 Camel tools.

I had a chance to grab a beer and do a one-take video recording. This time, I am demonstrating how the Camel tools is able, from  the cursor position in your Java editor such as IDEA or Eclipse, to add or edit Camel endpoints in a type-safe way using a wizard. What is cool about the command is that you just put the cursor on the line with the endpoint to edit, or place the cursor where you want to add the endpoint.

The video is 7 minutes long and shows Eclipse and IDEA where I edit two different Camel projects. One project is using XML for declaring the Camel routes, and the other is using Java. The tools work with both kinds.

So sit back and grab a beer and watch, or if you are in the office then maybe grab a coffee or tea.


We are working on doing the same for the EIP patterns and got that working for XML, but the Java bits are still pending. But down the road, what you see in this video would be possible across the board in Camel.
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