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NetBeans Platform Application: Campbell Prediction System (CPS) v1.1 Released

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NetBeans Platform Application: Campbell Prediction System (CPS) v1.1 Released

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The Campbell Prediction System (CPS) is used to predict potential fire behavior of a wildland fire. CPS is used to adjust tactics and strategies to ensure the safety of firefighters and the effective use of resources. As a learning aid, this application lets you interactively adjust a fire's environment and conditions so that you can see how these affect the fire's behavior. CPS is a NetBeans 6.9.1 platform application with a 3D terrain viewer using the NASA WorldWind Java SDK and JOGL.

Figure 1. Example of main screen.

For more screenshots, documentation and information about CPS, visit the Emxsys website visit [Emxsys.com]

The CPS downloads and source code are available at Project Kenai [cps.kenai.com]. Alternatively, downloads are also available at SourceForge [sourceforge.net/projects/emxsys]


  • [CPS-20] - Behave calculations do not accomodate dynamic fuel models
  • [CPS-46] - Map viewer controls disappear after changing screen layout. Unable to restore them.
  • [CPS-47] - Crosshairs are hard to distiguish on light backgrounds
  • [CPS-48] - Map requires a refresh after Map Layer are enabled or disabled
  • [CPS-55] - Some map layers do not refresh the map after toggling their state
  • [CPS-65] - Haul Chart doesn't reflect non-burnable fuel models
  • [CPS-66] - Fuel Characteristics Chart doesn't reflect non-burnable fuel models


  • [CPS-59] - Apply Metric/US units of measure conversions

New Feature

  • [CPS-35] - Create "Tip of the Day" to be shown at startup.
  • [CPS-45] - Add a "Go To" feature
  • [CPS-49] - Add a Go To placename gazetteer
  • [CPS-60] - Add LANDFIRE WMS layers
  • [CPS-61] - Link Fuel Model control to LANDFIRE data layer


  • [CPS-44] - Port project to NetBeans 6.9
  • [CPS-63] - Add the Fuel Model name to the Haul Chart title
  • [CPS-64] - Update the CPS Splash Screen logo copyright dates
  • [CPS-71] - Apply localization to layer.xml files


  • [CPS-56] - Add startup settings for map layers
  • [CPS-57] - Add startup location settings
  • [CPS-62] - Non-burnable Fuel Models must be included

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