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Can AI Replace Logo Designers?

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Can AI Replace Logo Designers?

Some evidence that AI isn't just for machine learning anymore. The days of AI-designed logos or works of art could be right around the corner.

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It's a well-known fact that Artificial Intelligence is killing the non-creative jobs and taking over the manual work with automation. Every day the AI is advancing so as the fear of getting replace by robots. BUT there's always a counter-argument that AI can't replace the jobs that involve the creativity. Even there's a lot of studies being conducted by experts and universities like Oxford to find out the jobs that are at risk.

The sum of all these studies supports the counter argument that AI robots can't replace the creative and socially intelligent jobs.

Well to some extent we can trust these studies, but for the coming years, no one can predict that whether creative jobs will get replace or not. The Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence are based on machine learning system that means it is learning the human behavior and thinking.

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One of these creative jobs includes Logo designing. It comes under the graphic design industry. The people who do this job are called Logo designers. It requires a lot of creativity and social intelligence to create professional Logos. The logo designer is a creative job, but AI is beginning to take over this job. Here's how:

Tailor Brands is the first platform to introduce the AI in Logo design. Its concept was to let customers feel like that they're working with an in-house designer. It primarily works on an algorithm that helps the system to understand the user inputs for matching design elements.

Logojoy is another AI based Logo maker that design Logos with the matching algorithm. It claims to be consist of about thousand design rules. The system is a machine learning like any other AI, so it learns new trends after every single project.

There are few other sites like Logoorbit, Logoshi, withoomph, etc. that claims to be built on a keyword-based Algorithm.

Based on the recent developments of AI in Logo design, one thing is clear that AI is taking over the Logo designing industry slowly. I firmly believe that the professional designers are not at risk but lower end designers can get replaced by AI in the upcoming years. The sheer learning capability of AI Logo makers can make them even replace the intermediate level designers. Currently, AI is missing that designs from heart factor but as the title says it's just the beginning, so we'll have to wait for it.

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