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Can you crowdsource business transformations?

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Can you crowdsource business transformations?

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It was recently International Work Out Loud week, so we thought what better time to tap into the collective wisdom of change agents around the world and ask a interesting and no doubt controversial question: ‘Can you crowdsource business transformations?’.

The concept of crowdsourcing has demonstrated huge value in many different contexts. We have seen that crowdsourcing can generate far more innovative solutions, so we would like to explore the an opportunity to extend this way of working to bring solutions to life and actually make change happen in a more collaborative, technology enabled way.

Many people have been experimenting with collaborative transformational change approaches for some time. We’d love to share your thoughts and experiences, successes and failures, to enable the community to learn from these brave evangelists.

Likewise, there are many people who would be very cautious about opening up a transformation to the crowd due to the tough realities of trying to get change programmes delivered within very real political, social and economic constraints.

We’d like to help both sides of the story to learn from each other. So we are crowdsourcing a whitepaper on ‘crowdsourcing business transformations’.

Join in the debate, share your thoughts, experiences and stories. Embrace what it means to Work Out Loud and be a part of shaping a new approach to change.

Simon Terry shared his view “In the context of business transformation this means opening up the discovery of the need for change, design of the change and execution of that change to the inputs of a community which may include employees, customers or other stakeholders of the organisation.”

Nic Vine has commmented “Crowdsourcing is not the single solution to transforming a business; rather it can be a highly effective tool in creating and managing business-wide engagement, and it may well generate refinements or new ideas for the transformation that management would have missed.”

Why not add your views? All contributors will be recognised in anything that is published as a result. We are also crowdsourcing authors to help weave the stories together, so please let me know if you would like to be involved.


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