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Can You Damage Your Company’s Brand By Ignoring Yours?

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Can You Damage Your Company’s Brand By Ignoring Yours?

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I’ve had a surprising number of executives from the C-suite tell me that they don’t want to actively manage their personal brand. Why? Because it’s, “all about the company’s brand.” And they would be so very wrong. People do business with people. Employees are who makes up a brand. Period.

Personal Brand: The Bad News

Poorly managed or non-existent personal brands of a company’s employees damages the brand. If you think that’s untrue, then you have been stuck in your cubicle for to long. You might want to read a blog post or two.

Actively Managing You Personal Brand: The Good News

However, the inverse is true too. If you manage your personal brand online as well as you do it off-line, then you can help your company close more sales. People trust brands that have people they can trust. Not rocket science, but given the large number of smart people who don’t get that you would think it was rocket science.

Talking With Patrick Sitkins

I asked Patrick Sitkins what his take was on B2B executives and personal branding. He’s a respected digital marketing executive who works with mid-sized businesses, and has co-authored Brand Aid with Larry G. Linne. His book focuses on entrepreneurial strategies for creating and managing a unified personal brand.


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