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Capitalizing Titles With Ruby

This (mostly) follows the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications. Lame I know, but it's a reference:

class String
   def titlecase
      non_capitalized = %w{of etc and by the for on is at to but nor or a via}
      gsub(/\b[a-z]+/){ |w| non_capitalized.include?(w) ? w : w.capitalize  }.sub(/^[a-z]/){|l| l.upcase }.sub(/\b[a-z][^\s]*?$/){|l| l.capitalize }


"this is a story in the new york times".titleize # => "This is a Story In the New York Times"
"what in the world was that for?".titleize # => "What In the World Was That For?"
"searching for a CHEAP overhead projector?".titleize # => "Searching for a CHEAP Overhead Projector?"
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