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Career Advice: Commuting - Tired of that daily commute?

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Career Advice: Commuting - Tired of that daily commute?

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Having facilities to allow and encourage people to cycle to work is still quite rare in the workplace.  This needs to change is the message from a UK charity that looked at workplace productivity.

Sustrans found that providing more facilities to encourage people to cycle to work would save UK businesses £13bn a year via reduced sick days AND increased productivity.

The research, which was conducted as part of the charities Support Cycling to Work campaign, revealed that each sick day costs the employer almost £260.  They found that the average employee, who doesn't cycle to work, takes 4.5 days off per year, whilst the average cyclist takes a mere 2.5 days off.

Sustrans Chief Executive Malcolm Shepherd said: "Cycle parking and showers in an office should be as common as a printer and a coffee machine and by introducing a ‘cycle-to-work standard’ governments would be taking the first steps to making this a reality."

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