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Carly a Heartbeat from the White House?


An on-the-beach IT executive who’s been watching a lot political coverage lately called this morning to ask what cabinet post Carly Fiorina was likely to get if John McCain is elected because Carly, now the so-called “victory chairman” of Republican National Committee, has become McCain’s Siamese twin – in every shot, he said.

Rumors have tipped her for Commerce or even State but the Republicans are apparently even considering her for McCain’s running mate, according to a piece in the Wall Street Journal todayquoting National Committee Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli as saying, “We could do a lot worse…”

Although McCain might have to pick a woman or a minority running mate given the Democratic field, the paper points out that she has no obvious ability to unite the Republic Party, doesn’t bring a state with her and is carrying nasty HP baggage around with her, like spying on reporters.


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