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CA's CTO's Predictions and Advice for Developers

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CA's CTO's Predictions and Advice for Developers

Developers need to think about meeting the needs of customers, rather than thinking only about developing applications and software.

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At his keynote during CA World '17 Otto Berkes, EVP, CTO at CA Technologies shared his thoughts on how our the world will change and how organizations and developers need to think about software development:

  • By 2030 95% of us will not own a car, per Tony Seba. This will disrupt the oil and gas industry. Tesla is already turning cars into computers.
  • Internet-connected mobile will be full of IoT devices and learning systems.
  • By 2030, IT will be gone or unrecognizable.
  • Software is a powerful feedback loop for customer engagement; which companies are smart enough to use it to improve customer experience and differentiate themselves from their competition?
  • There will be broad-based, fast-paced bottom-up adoption of new tools and solutions that enable developers to accelerate speed to market.
  • The SDLC is an ecosystem of people and machines.
  • To prepare for the future, look at today’s environment and then look back to see the slope/rate of change:
    • Containers have steep adoption curve – it's only taken two years for containers and microservices to be widely adopted.
  • Account for uncertainty in your forecasting model – be informed about the possibilities of the future.
  • When change vectors converge interesting and innovative, things begin to happen.
  • Be careful building for the future versus meeting an immediate need of the customer.
    • Build agile platforms rather than definitive solutions since no one can accurately forecast the future.
  • CA Accelerator is based on customer needs with checks and balances to check what’s needed – or not.
    • Clients love to see that CA is “walking the talk” and working on solutions to their problems
  • Iterate with customers to continue to shape and reshape your solution to ensure you are meeting your customers' needs.
  • FreshTracks.io is a new solution being developed in the CA Accelerator:
    • It monitors containers.
    • Promotes a culture of observability and collaboration across teams.
    • Run metrics through machine learning (ML) to automatically improve the process.
    • Gives time back to DevOps focus on what matters.
  • Start with what you know and believe will happen and prepare to iterate quickly.
  • Accept that the accelerating pace of change cannot be controlled.
  • The best defense is deconstructing what you are building into microservices.
  • Be committed to meeting and exceeding ever-increasing customer expectations.
  • The software factory is the single greatest enabler for your business to meet customer needs on a real-time basis.
  • Adapt and get smarter over time.
  • What does the future look like in 2025?
    • 75% of workforce millennials.
    • BMW will have 12 fully electric models and 25.
  • Software needs to be agile, automated, secure, and provide insights:
    • Agile software provides:
      • Data and analytics with accelerate agility
      • Data-driven insights
    • Automated software:
      • Increases throughput, efficiency, and quality.
      • Enables business process automation.
      • Standardizes workflows smoothly.
      • Provides analytics that defines bottlenecks.
      • Intelligent automation self-corrects.
      • Makes a transformative impact of intelligent automation.
      • Enable the emergence of low-code, no code platforms.
      • Is software that learns to learn.
      • Enables developers to focus more on ideas.
    • Security
      • The software you develop must be secure to earn customers' trust which is hard to earn and easy to lose. 
      • Trust should be the foundation of your brand and your relationship with your customers. If you cannot earn customers' trust, you will not be able to earn their business.
      • As AI gets more intelligent it is becoming a hacking actor.
      • We must use AI to guard against its malicious use.
    • How to get insights:
      • CA and its clients use the Jarvis AI engine.
      • Set of algorithms expressed as code operating on data.
      • Abdicate responsibility when there is not enough data.
      • Machine intelligence will deliver on the promise of big data.
  • The future shift toward intelligent learning is just beginning.
  • It is incumbent on us to use AI/ML in the right ways.
  • By 2020, there will be one million more jobs in computing than people that can fill them – AI/ML will be required to meet the needs of computing in every industry.
  • Automate every manual process you can.
  • Use the time you save with automation to unleash personal creativity to solve problems.
  • Elevate technology from tool to partner.

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