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In Case You Missed It: Here's 8 Things You Need to Know in the DevWorld at 8 A.M.

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In Case You Missed It: Here's 8 Things You Need to Know in the DevWorld at 8 A.M.

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June 1, 2015 - Privacy seemed to be on everyone's mind yesterday as the Patriot Act came to a close and Internet giants took steps to protect its users. Here's eight snapshots from the headlines:

  1. The date to renew the Patriot Act came and went, with a huge majority of the US House voting against it and for the USA Freedom Act. Bulk collections of data are officially out.
  2. Google is giving the power of privacy back to you, offering a new dashboard that manages settings across all your devices.
  3. In an effort to protect its users, Facebook announced that it will roll out an "experimental" OpenPGP feature for its email notifications, a step that will protect your info via encryption should your email data be breached.
  4. Hot on the heels of more allegations of poor performance for Witcher 3, Nvidia is releasing a new graphics card for PC gamers that will deliver better 4k graphics (and hopefully fix the phantom hair syndrome).
  5. Hola VPN offered great privacy and browsing without censorship to its users, but according to a group of researchers called "Adios," it's also incredibly insecure.
  6. Innovation inspiration: Sundar Pichai gave an interview with The Verge about Google's products and what it's like to be SVP of the giant.
  7. Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij was released from prison. But, uh, not that we even use that service to catch up on our shows...
  8. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be available come July 29. Some will be eligible from a free upgrade, but for those of us that aren't, it'll cost about $119...or $199.

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