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In Case You Missed It: Here's 8 Things You Need to Know in the DevWorld at 8 A.M.

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In Case You Missed It: Here's 8 Things You Need to Know in the DevWorld at 8 A.M.

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8 Things You Need to Know at 8 A.M.

  1.  GitHub is "rearchitecting" its Pages, which previously relied on a single pair of machines with data stored across 8 DRBD backed partitions.
  2. The fight between Oracle and Google might, at last, be over: The White House sided with Oracle over the copyrighted Java APIs. The case alleges that Google is infringing upon Oracle's copyrights by using large portions of its Java Standard Library, with Google arguing that their code fell under "fair use."
  3. Jony Ive just landed a job in the coveted Apple C-Suite as Chief Design Officer. But does that mean that Apple's value is down?
  4. According to an analysis by the Poneman Institute, sponsored by IBM, it costs an average of $3.8 million for companies when data is breached, significantly more if that data is sensitive.
  5. Chevy is incorporating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into fourteen new cars. Now, you no longer have to debate if you should answer that text or keep driving (maybe you can do both).
  6. Mandriva, a manufacturer of Linux, has officially closed its doors.
  7. The Windows App Studio added a bunch of new features recently, updating its design and introducing a beta that lets users design Windows 10 apps.
  8. Facebook's messenger app is a great feature for stalkers thanks to its so-called "Marauder's Map," which tracks your location.

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