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Cash In With Great Rewards

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When it comes to seeing a boost in site interactions with little effort on your end, rewards stores can be a great way to get there. We crunched the numbers and found that MindMixer sites with rewards see 40 percent more interactions than those without.

And you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to come up with as many rewards as possible either. In fact, sites with between four and seven rewards have 45 percent more interactions than those with more or fewer.

Whether you’re offering tickets to a baseball game or a t-shirt with your school’s logo on it, participants prefer rewards that can be mailed to them, minimizing the work they have to do to redeem them. MindMixer sites that offered these kinds of rewards have 96 percent more interactions than sites with rewards that have to be picked up.

Get creative like these MindMixer communities and watch rewards fly off the shelves:

Cultivate Kearney: Did you know that a Kearney, Neb., native created one of the most popular television series on primetime? You would if you were a participant interested in earning rewards at Cultivate Kearney. The central Nebraska city offers a variety of rewards for participation, including civic rewards for only the most active residents, and grocery bags for just 200 points.

re|creation: The best of Glencoe, Ill., parks and recreation is on display in the re|creation rewards store. The online conversation has since wrapped up, but participants were able to take home some unique rewards for their contributions, from a ceramics-making party to the honor of starting the city’s Fourth of July 5K. Other rewards include season passes to both winter and summer hot spots.


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