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Casual Log Collection and Querying with fluent-plugin-riak

Learn how Riak and fluentd make a powerful combination for log collection and querying.  The fluent-plugin-riak library makes it all possible.

Casual Log Collection and Querying with fluent-plugin-riak - RubyKaigi 2013 from rubykaigi on Vimeo.

Introduction to Riak as log storage and querying logs. Fluentd is casual, easy daemon to collect and aggregate logs from many servers, many daemons. In popular use cases, fluentd outputs collected log to HDFS, S3 or MongoDB. Riak is scalable and casual distributed key value store with rich query interface, and easy to operate, scale, manage and query. Useful logging patters and query tools in Ruby-ish way will also be introduced.

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