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Caucho's Resin 3.2.0

Caucho Technology has just released the latest version of the Resin application server, Resin 3.2.0.  If you haven't had a chance to try Resin or haven't tried it in a while, you might be surprised at all the exciting new features.  Resin made its name as a lightning fast servlet engine, but it is in fact a fully-fledged, enterprise Java application server that's used by some of the biggest SaaS vendors, publishing houses, and financial sites.

Some of the features in the new version include:
  • Dynamic clustering with remote application deployment
  • Improved support for Comet and massive keepalives (25k connections w/256 threads in a recent test)
  • Improved administration console with built-in profiling, memory analysis, and cluster monitoring
  • Brokered agent messaging (BAM) based on XMPP architecture
  • JSF 2.0 draft implementation with JSF debugging tools
  • Improved Quercus compatibility to allow running popular PHP applications directly on Resin
  • Ivy-based classloader

Download the latest version of Resin at http://www.caucho.com/download where we have both a GPL Open Source and a professional version including clustering features, OpenSSL integration, and native socket code.


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