Expanded Network & Web Page Monitoring Services for World’s Largest Crowd-Sourced Internet Performance Monitoring Community

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Expanded Network & Web Page Monitoring Services for World’s Largest Crowd-Sourced Internet Performance Monitoring Community

New resource timing data collocation, automated alerts and enhanced data granularity DevOps professionals for comprehensive internet network and website performance monitoring

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Cedexis, a leader in internet performance monitoring and optimization, announced a range of unique new capabilities and services that are immediately available to the thousands of websites that participate in the Cedexis Radar Community, the world’s largest internet performance monitoring community. The new services being released include, website “resource timing” performance monitoring and reporting, customizable performance alerts and deeper Radar reporting granularity. 

Cedexis Impact Resource Timing Beta

The Cedexis Impact resource timing Beta program is available for free to all Radar Community members. Distinguishing itself from other real user monitoring (RUM) solutions, Cedexis Impact resource timing collects data for every website visit, without sampling, and aggregates the data into easy-to-understand reports on resource performance.

“With Resource Timing data collection available on almost every major browser, any Cedexis Radar participating website can now use the Cedexis Radar tag to collect performance metrics for every object on a downloaded web page, and correlate the performance of these objects to the cloud, server or CDN that served them,” said Rob Malnati, vice president Marketing & Business Development for Cedexis. “The addition of resource timing performance monitoring, to Cedexis Radar network, cloud and CDN performance monitoring, provides an unparalleled, end-to-end, view that DevOps teams can use to continuously improve end user experience, and trouble shoot issues as they arise.” 

Cedexis Impact Resource Timing Report: Comparison of CDN Resource Delivery Performance

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Cedexis Radar Real Time Features And Long Term Trending Enhancements

In addition to the Cedexis Impact Resource Timing Beta program Cedexis also announced the availability of a range of new Radar RUM features. Radar automated alerts provide web operations teams real time awareness of internet performance issues, speeding issue identification and enabling more informed responses. To aid in issue analysis, Radar data granularity is being significantly expanded, enabling investigation of events for days after an occurrence.  All new Radar functions continue to provide insight by cloud, CDN, ISP, country and performance metric type. 

Additionally, Radar data retention is also being extended to 13 months, allowing longer term trend analysis of cloud and CDN platform performance over daily, monthly, quarterly and annual time periods.  Information on Radar is available at http://www.cedexis.com/radar/real-user-measurement.html.

Cedexis Radar Community Automated Performance Alert

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