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CFSelenium News: No Need To Start Selenium Server Separately Anymore

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In my earlier blog post on how to install and run CFSelenium, my steps included directions on copying the .jar file for the Selenium-RC/Selenium Server application to an easily accessible location and then starting your CFSelenium testing session by executing that .jar file from the command line.

I'm happy to report that anyone using CFSelenium in conjunction with ColdFusion 8 or 9 can skip those particular steps.  Marc Esher (of MXUnit fame) recently contributed code to the CFSelenium project that enables CFSelenium to start the Selenium Server (if it's not already running) anytime you run a test, and stops the server once the test is complete.  This code is now part of the latest version of CFSelenium that can be download via the CFSelenium GitHub page.

Unfortunately, when I revised the tag-based, CF 7/8-friendly versions of the CFSelenium files to incorporate Marc's code and ran it against CF 7, I found that CF 7 apparently could not start and stop the Selenium Server via the new code.  So ColdFusion 7 users will still have to start Selenium Server from the command line, but otherwise CFSelenium still works in CF 7.

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