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ChainBuilder ESB 1.2 Released with ETL Database Integration Support

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ChainBuilder ESB 1.2 Released with ETL Database Integration Support

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ChainBuilder ESB is an open source ESB platform consisting of Eclipse plugins, a Java Business Integration (JBI) runtime environment, and a Web-based Admin Console.  The platform emphasizes ease-of-use with graphical data and database mapping tools and supports vertical industry standards like HL7 and EDI.  ChainBuilder ESB 1.2 is designed for rapid deployments, whether integrating existing applications or developing new services, and now supports building ETL message models with the drag-and-drop support of database tables.

For an immediate free download of ChainBuilder ESB 1.2, visit http://www.chainforge.net.

Highlights of the new features in ChainBuilder ESB 1.2 are:

* ETL Support:  The new version comes with a set of Eclipse plugins that let users connect a RDBMS and build a message model by the drag and drop of database tables.  The XML schema will be created for data transformation.  The ETL runtime supports both real-time and batch modes for performance optimization.

* Web Services and WSDL Builder: The HTTP/WebService component is written from scratch based on Apache Axis2.  it supports standards like MTOM and SOAP with Attachments (SwA).  The Web Service wizard comes with a WSDL Builder that lets users import an existing WSDL or builds a new WSDL from schema definitions.

* Alert: The new version has full alert support.  Users can use the Admin Console to define alerts.  There are over 10 types of alerts such as server status, service assembly status, endpoint status, and CPU usage.  An event notification will be sent when an alert condition is met.

* Role-based Admin Console:  The new version of Admin Console supports role-based security.  A super user can manage the entire ESB environment.  A normal user will have read-only view.  Users can also change the endpoint settings and persist the changes.  the new Console can show the graphic view of a process flow with real-time status.

Other improvements: The JMS component is enhanced to provide reliable message delivery in a flow with transactional retry ability.  The 1.2 is also certified on Windows Vista and includes a new version of Eclipse 3.2.2.  It contains many usability and performance improvements.

For a complete list of enhancements for ChainBuilder ESB 1.2, view the release notes on the ChainBuilder ESB wiki at: http://www.chainforge.net/wiki.


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