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Challenges and Solutions of the "Everything-as-a-Service" Approach

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Challenges and Solutions of the "Everything-as-a-Service" Approach

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The content of this article was originally written by Avigail Ofer over at the Xeround blog.

We at Xeround believe that developers should focus on their code and not on the IT/Operations side of things. And we’re not the only ones who believe that.

As more and more applications are being migrated to the cloud – we see developers choosing to integrate with their application a myriad of off-the-shelf cloud services – rather than develop components themselves or (worst yet) being bothered with the infrastructure hassles like in the past.

One such example is Blue Saki Online – a Xeround customer tasked with migrating AMANDA Video Marketing Platform to the cloud.

AMANDA is a subscription-based video marketing platform tailored to the needs of the financial, insurance and healthcare industries. AMANDA combines the features of email marketing, YouTube, social media, blackberry messenger reporting and CRM to create a powerful and effective video marketing tool for agents, representatives and consultants in the service industry.



The Challenge

The migration of AMANDA to the cloud was aimed to ensure 99.99% high availability guarantee of all application’s components – including the database tier – in a way that would:

  • Minimize in-house management resources and operational costs
  • Will provide a fully-managed self-monitoring environment with 24/7 support
  • Will support future scaling needs in a painless manner

The Solution

Blue-Saki Online chose an all-cloud-services strategy to develop their video marketing platform and migrate it to the cloud.

From application server and load balancers, to the database service, CDN, email delivery, load testing, monitoring, financial services, and more — only off-the-shelf cloud services were chosen.

By examining the reasons for choosing only cloud services (and the specific solutions chosen)  - we can see how the cloud helps developers:

  1. Cut down on development and operational costs
  2. Enable faster time-to-deployment
  3. Improve reliability for mission-critical applications.


Read the Case Study to learn about the economic, strategic and operational reasons behind the “Everything-as-a-Service” approach and discover its direct impact for your bottom line.

 Read the Case Study »

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Published at DZone with permission of Eric Genesky. See the original article here.

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