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Change Vision publishes free guide: "Zen and the Art of User Requirements"

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Change Vision publishes free guide: "Zen and the Art of User Requirements"

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Change Vision, Inc., based in Tokyo, Japan has launched a campaign along with a new release of the latest version of astah*, their UML and Mind Mapping editor. Through this campaign, Change Vision publishes the free guide, "Zen and the Art of User Requirements".

"Documenting user requirements is always a challenging phase in software development.Without strong interpersonal communication and facilitation skills, the process can fail and lead to ineffective requirements and inadequate software."

Zen and the Art of User Requirements

This guide offers a path to overcome these obstacles, gather and explore user requirements effectively by using Mind Mapping, and then shape vague user wishes into the achievement of complete, fulfilled software. Free guide is available from: http://astah.change-vision.com/en/zen/index.html

To take this concept further, astah*, the UML editor of Change Vision’s, can clarify the requirements into UML directly. The latest version, 6.3 was released on Nov 30th with two major advancements.

1. Multi-platform support

astah* now works on Mac OS X and Linux, to enable these users to use astah* (.dmg is available for all the editions, Linux packages (RPM and DEB) are available for the free edition, astah* community now.)

Support OS

2. No more sign-up/log-in required to download

By eliminating this process, it saves user’s time and enable them to start astah* instantly and easier than ever.

Both advancements have been materialized from all the enthusiastic requests from existing users.
Download of astah* is available from: http://members.change-vision.com/files/
(Practice of the requirements gathering along with the guide is available with both astah* professional and astah* UML editions.)

For current users, new features of version 6.3 can be found on:

About astah*

astah* is a lightweight UML editor integrated with Mind Maps, ERD, DFD, Flowchart, CRUD, Requirement diagrams and tables. Because all the diagrams are consistently stored in one model, developers, analysts, testers, managers, anyone who are involved with the development can easily communicate with one another effectively.
"astah* share" is a communication tool to share astah* models on Web browser, which boosts more communication among the team just like social network services.

About Change Vision, Inc.

Change Vision, Inc. aims to visualize ("MIERUKA") the software development more clearly to everyone, change the way to design software and systems and make the place engineers live in a happier place by; providing the products, astah* - Agile UML and Mind Mapping integrated tools (Read the description above) and consulting services for Agile software development, Project management and facilitations etc.


Change Vision, Inc.  Sales and Marketing Group
E-mail: info@change-vision.com

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/astah_en

CEO, Kenji Hiranabe’s blog: http://astah-users.change-vision.com/en/modules/weblog/


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