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We’ve made a few changes at the Eclipse Foundation. Anne, who many committers know as the “face of the EMO” has been doing double-duty on conferences (EclipseCon and Eclipse Summit Europe) and “project stuff” for a long time. Frankly, she’s been doing a fantastic job of it, but after a period of careful reflection, we decided to shake up our working system and dedicate Anne fully to “conference stuff” with Donald and Ralph. We see this as an excellent opportunity for Anne, and–while I’m sorry to have lost her considerable expertise in “project land”–I’m very certain that the Eclipse conference experience can only get better with this change. FWIW, “lost” probably isn’t exactly the right word: she still returns my calls.

This, of course, leaves a big hole to fill in the “project stuff” space. And an opportunity. We’ve presented this opportunity to Lynn and she has eagerly jumped at it. Many, perhaps most, of you already know Lynn. She’s a well-known people-person who has been an active part of the Eclipse community for a while. She’s already cultivated many great relationships with committers; she’s a positive force that I think brings a lot of value to the project space.

With this change, we’ve also started doing things a little differently. For one, we’re now using Bugzilla to track proposals and reviews. At some point–probably next week–we’ll start making a regular podcast discussing the current state of “Eclipse Project Land” (and other topics). There may also be a new video here and there.

I’m excited about the change. Again, I’m sorry to lose the expertise that Anne brings to Eclipse Project Land, but am feeling very positive that we’ll be able to deliver a better overall Eclipse experience for the community. Please join me in extending congratulations to Anne and Lynn!


From http://dev.eclipse.org/blogs/wayne/2010/08/11/changes/


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