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Changing the Language Settings in the Windows Phone Emulator

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to change the language settings in the Windows Phone Emulator while testing your region specific application developed based on the culture.  English is the default language for the emulator,  but recently while I was working on a project, we had some requirements to change the setting to a regional language and was searching for resources on how to do that. In the Emulator we have the option of Region+Language which is used to change the language specific to the user requirement. Let us see how to change the language in the Windows Phone Emulator.

Open the application developed in Visual Studio IDE and run the application targeting to the Windows Phone Emulator. Now in the Emulator, click on the start button and navigate to the Settings. We can see the Region+Language option which is used to change the language setting for the application as well to the device as shown in the screen below.


Now we click on the Display Language and we can see the list of languages available and we can select a language based on the language the application should support. Once we change the desired locale language for the application support we can see the screen as shown below.


Now closing the Windows Phone emulator and opening it again will set all the values to default where we need to change the settings again to target the particular locale. This means that the state of the emulator is not saved. Hope this quick tutorial will be helpful for you and enjoy!!!


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