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Chart.js - A JavaScript Library For Easy Graphs For Designers & Developers

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Make the transition to Node.js if you are a Java, PHP, Rails or .NET developer with these resources to help jumpstart your Node.js knowledge plus pick up some development tips.  Brought to you in partnership with IBM.

Chart.js is a JavaScript library which allows you to create graphs for the client-side easily using an object-oriented approach. Chart.js provides 6 ways of representing your data, with each being animated and fully customizable.

Chart.js can display your data in form of line charts, bar charts, radar charts, pie charts, polar area charts, and donut charts. The library uses HTML5 Canvas to display the graphs and has polyfills for IE7/8.

Chart.js is also very lightweight and dependency free, weighing in at only 4.5KB (minified & gizpped).

Requirements: None
Website:http:/ / www. chartjs. org/
Demo:http:/ / www. chartjs. org/
License: MIT License

Learn why developers are gravitating towards Node and its ability to retain and leverage the skills of JavaScript developers and the ability to deliver projects faster than other languages can.  Brought to you in partnership with IBM.


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