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Chasing the technology rabbit

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Chasing the technology rabbit

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A few months back we decided to try out Amazon Prime just to test out alternatives to Netflix. What we didn’t expect to have and now depend on is the value of getting our shopping done online, without walking through aisles of things we don’t need, and getting the merchandise the next day (most of the time). Amazon Prime has turned our shopping expectations upside down and made any other options seem archaic, slow and most of all, inconvenient.

How quickly we adapt. The way Amazon Prime has reset our expectations is no different than many other changes that technology brings that at first seem odd or fanciful, but quickly become something we wouldn’t do without. Kids today are amazed that we ever found each other before cell phones. I interact with people across the world on a daily basis, a far cry from the exchange of letters form my East German and Polish pen pals in my French high school days. It’s hard to believe we were ever there.

Chasing the expectations

The challenge is in keeping up with the changing expectations of our family, friends, customers and coworkers. Our family expects us to keep up with the communication techniques used by the majority of the family, whether that’s Facebook or email. Our customers expect us to be able to service their needs through traditional and, increasingly, non-traditional means like Twitter or other social media. Our coworkers don’t want to hear that we’re not on LinkedIn or keeping up with the majority’s use of enterprise social media. Keeping up with accelerating technology changes is an expectation.

The downside of not keeping up is missing out on the nephew’s birthday photos, appearing out of touch to your customers, and being bypassed by the coworkers who no longer share information on the corporate portal. The future is being created every day and is unevenly distributed. I, for one, choose to lean in and adapt as quickly as I can. The alternative is to let the future pass us by and miss out on the amazing conveniences that change the world and keep us in the conversations that are most relevant and interesting.

Maybe its my competitive spirit, but I have to chase the technology rabbit. I have to be somewhere in the head of the pack when it comes to adapting to change. The view is just so much better.

Changing the expectation

The companies that change our world are the ones that change our expectations, like Amazon did with Prime, like Netflix did with streaming movies, and like Apple did with the iPod. If I’m not in the front of the pack when it comes to technology, how can I expect to change the expectations? I find it hard to understand the people who don’t feel the need to stay with the pack and understand what’s possible by having their hands on it early.

How do you feel about keeping up with change?


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