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Chat with the JavaOne Speakers

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Chat with the JavaOne Speakers

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I am doing live interviews with many of the JavaOne speakers this week and next.  All of this will be broadcast on my NightHacking UStream channel, so please check it out.  As a dry run, I did the first interview with Gerrit Grunwald (who is now a Java Champion — congrats!)

Here is the all-star lineup for tomorrow (Thursday 8/29):

  • 8AM PST – Dierk Konig
  • 9AM PST – Paul Bakker
  • 11AM PST – Trisha Gee
  • 12 Noon – Toni Epple
  • 3:30PM PST – James Ward

Please join me for these interviews, and take the opportunity to ask them questions on the live stream!

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