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Check If All The Images Have Been Loaded

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Check If All The Images Have Been Loaded

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function allImagesLoaded
This checks if all the images have been loaded on the page
Returns 1 if all are loaded and 0 if they are not
The great thing is that it works on images that you dynamicaly add with javascript (common for ads, tracking and other 3 party solutions)

	// allImagesLoaded()
	// Checks if all the images are loaded in the document
	// It Does this by looping through all the images and checks the attribute .complete
	// If .complete is false then we set the return variable to 0
	function allImagesLoaded() {
		// return variable
		var imagesloaded = 1;
		// All images are saved in an array called document.images. Very usefull
		var images = document.images;
		// Loop through all the images
		for (var i = 0;i

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