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Check out Beta Releases for Fuse ESB, Fuse MQ, and More

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Check out Beta Releases for Fuse ESB, Fuse MQ, and More

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FuseSource recently launched the 7.0 a beta release line of our upcoming Fuse Enterprise products.  There have been several online sessions reviewing the new features. Catch all the recorded sessions about Fuse ESB, Fuse Services Framework, and more. The current session coming up is on Getting Started with Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.0, which is an enhanced version of Apache MQ.

Rob Davies, our CTO, has written a very nice blog entry with more details about this release. I took the liberty to quote a teaser from his blog post here:
FuseSource has launched the Beta program for two new Enterprise products its launching today.
FuseSource Enterprise
These products, Fuse ESB Enterprise and Fuse MQ Enterprise,  provide the capabilities to make integration and messaging even easier to deploy and manage.
Central to the new functionality, the Enterprise products which are provided are Apache licensed open source projects that FuseSource has been working on outside of the Apache Software Foundation, called Fuse Fabric and FAB (Fuse application bundles), which have been designed to work seamlessly with Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Karaf, CXF and ServiceMix.
 You can read more about this release from Robs blog.

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